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Annjal-Symphony of Taste, Tradition &  Purity

We are the first and the only Table d’hote menu restaurant of India which promises and delivers the standard Indian traditional homely-kitchen cooked food. The food we serve is a clarified butter (desi-ghee) preparation and we ensure that in any preparation of ours we do not use any sort of refined or vegetable oil. The spices we use any given day are grinded and prepared at our own kitchen for that day, only to ensure that the spice-alkaloid is not lost or degenerated. A glimpse of  our craftsmanship below:

Annjal Restaurant Dahi Bhalla

The spongy lentil pakodas soaked in homely prepared yogurt  embellished with fruit toppings, freshly prepared raisins and nuts melts so smoothly into your mouth that you are left with an urge to get more 

Dahi Bhalla

Annjal Restaurant Special Curry

A signature Annjal dish with an aroma that titillates your taste buds and fills with contentment. 

Annjal Special Curry

Annjal Restaurant Kadhi Pakoda

A colloidal symphony of gram flour and curd mixed in right proportion at just right temperature with midas touch of our cook leaves an ever lasting impact. The soft pakodis dipped in kadhi brings spark in the eyes of young and old alike.

Kadhi Pakoda

Annjal Restaurant Baigan Bharta

Mildly roasted brinjals, crushed and mixed with rock salt, pepper and other spices release an aroma which is simply a nasal pleasure

Baigan Bharta

Annjal 10.jpeg

Its hard to believe that this nutritious lentil can be so delicious. Mixed with a variety of green leaves and spices and cooked in pure ghee. Annjal dal is a pleasure to serve.

Annjal Dal

Annjal Restaurant Matar Paneer

Cottage cheese blended with green chick peas and prepared with a family-guarded recipe  creates a taste that our guests succumb to.

Matar Paneer

Annjal Restaurant Kheer

Milk slowly boiled with premium rice, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, dried raisins and saffron render a taste that you can indulge-in. 

Annjal Kheer

Annjal Restaurant Rajma

These red legumes when transformed with our freshly prepared spices and vegetables leaves our guest with an ever lasting taste 

Annjal Rajma 

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